OpenBSD: Basic operations

Where is /proc/cpuinfo ?

For list all information avalaible

sysctl hw

And for the micro vendor and their cores

sysctl hw.vendor hw.product hw.ncpu

Display real and available memory

grep ' mem =' /var/run/dmesg.boot

Display amount of free and used memory

It’s the most similar to free -h

top -d1 | grep Memory

Which HDD are connected?

List the device names

sysctl hw.disknames

List HDD partitions

The c partition is the entire disk, from the first sector to the last.

disklabel -h wd0

Remote package repository

Add this line in /etc/pkg.conf file

installpath =

Mount a FAT pendrive

By default, pendrives with FAT filesystem have the partition i for the files

mkdir /mnt/usb0
mount /dev/sd0i /mnt/usb0