EmulationStation's latest release for Debian Jessie

EmulationStation was builed for Boost 1.54 and two years ago Debian moved to 1.55.

IPtv Simple for Kodi 15.2 in Debian Jessie

Create a PVR IPtv Simple deb file for Debian 8

Manage quota disks with SaltStack

I created a SaltStack instructions for managing users and their respective quotas.

Nagios plugin for Docker

This plugin monitors how much docker instances are stopped/exited/dead or if one instance is running.

Debian: A lightweight APT

A few tips for APT

Docker: Delete your unused containers

Just what the title said.

rTorrent 0.9.6 in Debian 8

This post explains two ways for installing rTorrent 0.9.6.